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The useful shoulder bag supplementary to the transportation case.

To comply to customers request a modular extendible shoulder bag was designed in cooperation with a German manufacturer. The convenient bag allows a safe transportation of BAPPU and additional features as external sensors without using the case.

Suitable for your equipment the bag may be ordered in different versions. The modular set is afterwards extendable.

BAPPack with BAPPUevo

BAPPack configuration

Using hook and loop fasteners BAPPäck can be adjusted to extensions of the BAPPU-evo system. The basic bag offers a compartement for BAPPU-evo and connection cables. The anemometer bag provides a shockproof inlay to protect the sensitive sensor. To carry the CO2-Sensor a further bag is placed on front. This compartement might be used also for other items as batteries or power supplies.


BAPPU is a product by

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