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This globe thermometer is used to determine the "thermal comfort" of workplaces.

As a result of this extension, the comfort indices "PMV" and "PPD", which otherwise can only be determined with difficulty, can be simply recorded. The customary simple operation of the BAPPU devices is consistently continued.

In the PMV/PPD indices the "expected mean value" for the satisfaction or dissatisfaction levels of the employees is expressed in comparison to the climatic conditions. On the basis of the climatic variables recorded with the multi-measuring device BAPPU, i.e. temperature, relative humidity, airspeed and globe temperature, the calculations on thermal comfort are quickly and efficiently performed.

This globe thermometer is used to determine the "thermal comfort" of workplaces. Factoring in climatic parameters measured by the BAPPU, the "climate index" is formed as specified in the Technical Rules for Workplaces A3.5. The BAPPU Globe makes it easy to determine the otherwise difficult indices "PMW" and "PPD".


Measurement sizes

BAPPU-Globe case
  • Globe temperature; in conjunction with BAPPU: determination of the heat radiation and PMV/PPD indices.


BAPPU-Globe features
  • Accurate temperature semiconductor sensor
  • Calculation of the PMV/PPD indices according to DIN EN ISO 7730
  • Long-time recording in conjunction with BAPPU-evo

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